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Our Synopsis Of Studies

We try to give a brief synopsis of how our writers interpret these case studies. While we like to think our staff can read and understand these case studies, we are not scientists or psychologists. If any of our readers notice that we may be off base with our summaries, please contact us and let us know! We try our best to find as many “free to read” studies as possible and would like to at some point be able to offer the full case texts for free. However, many of these studies may require payment to read the entire text.

This is a study based on extensive interviews from three different non monogamous relationships. It explores the realities of health, dis/ability, gender, friendship and work in relation to the experience of non monogamy.

2021, Motivations for Engaging in Consensually Non-Monogamous RelationshipsJessica Wood, Carm De Santis, Serge Desmarai, Robin Milhausen. 50, pages1253–1272 (2021)

This survey-based study explores the reasons that people engage in consensual non monogamy and polyamory. Motivations were organized into the categories of autonomy, beliefs and value systems, relationality, sexuality, growth and expansion.

Sex/love skirmishes: “swinging,” “polyamory,” and the politics of naming, Jessica Joan Kean. Pages 458-474 | Received 18 Apr 2016, Accepted 08 Aug 2017, Published online: 09 Nov 2017

This article explores the actual definitions used to describe ENM and Poly relationships which seem to be derived from the terminology stemming from idea that monogamy is “normal” and “ideal.”