About Us

We are a group of supporters of the ENM/poly community that believes that there are a great number of us out there who seek acceptance for their beliefs.

We believe that our human nature will wilt and suffer when we cannot express it in its true form.  

To that end, we have created this online informational resource so that those who are curious about our lifestyle can not only read all the latest scientific research into the psychology of ENM, but also read real stories of people just like them who have experienced the ENM/poly lifestyle.


Our team continues to create a central hub of information for ENM vets and newbies alike. We are constantly keeping up to date on all of the latest research to post.

Understanding the psychology of how ENM works, and why it sometimes doesn’t, we believe is the first step in normalizing the ENM lifestyle. 

More importantly we are continuing to create a database of stories from our community, so that we can read about other people’s experiences with ENM and poly relationships. Having a resource of real-life stories can help our readers learn and understand what ENM means to others in our community.

While there is a great amount of ethical non monogamy and poly resources out there on the net, there aren’t that many ENM/Poly websites that will not only provide evidence-based research, but also the real-life stories and experiences of their members. Having a go-to one stop forum for all of your ENM information is vital to fully understanding what it means to be ethically non monogamous.

Sure you can likely get a bit of information from all of the well written and entertaining articles published Men’s Health, or Cosmopolitan, but you can bet the authors of those articles have never been in an ENM or poly relationship.